The #bluegreengrey manual is now available!

It covers definition of the used terminology and functions of the BGG-system. Most importantly it provides practical guidance for choosing the right constructions and it describes detail projecting and dimensioning of BGG-systems.

The first version of the manual published

The bluegreengrey manual is adressed to everyone who is going to re/develop, re/build and maintain urban spaces and requires guidance in the integration process of Blue (water), Green (vegetation) and Grey (hard surfaces) in one multifunctional system. The manual is a supportive tool to safe-guard collaboration between all different stakeholders.

This first version is published in Swedish and an English version will come out during the year 2020. New updates will be announced via this subscription list.

We at Edge believe that this manual will make great contribution in making our cities more livable and better prepared for achieving climate-neutral targets.

We wish you a merry #bluegreengrey christmas and hope that this early christmas present will make you happy!

Download the manual and sign up for the newsletter here: https://bluegreengrey.edges.se/