#bluegreengrey systems at Vellinge Campus

The Campus in Vellinge combines livable streets, housing areas, and #bluegreengrey systems into what is becoming the new highlight of the area.

Vellinge’s new Campus area is a multi-layered and complex project requiring skillful urban planning and landscape design. In this project we connected 230 new apartments and a public square together with roads, bike paths and pedestrian walkways in a total area of 5 hectares. #bluegreengrey systems uses carefully selected planting strategies to increase biodiversity and incorporates solutions which manage and filter stormwater on site.

Stormwater that falls within the catchment area is retained and purified using rain gardens. The parking lots have permeable surfaces that allow rainwater infiltrate to the open subbase layer (OSL) where it is retained and purified by the biochar and microorganisms.

Buildings and bicycle shelters are covered with green roofs planted with sedum. Together, these blue-green-grey constructions contribute to reducing the risk of flooding and congesting the stormwater management system during extreme weather events.

The rain gardens and planting beds are planted with a specially designed mix of bulbs, perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees and will flower for most of the year. Near the express bus station the planting beds are filled with both indigenous meadow flora and related species from abroad.

For children, there are opportunities to play both at a designated area near the station and at the new fairytale-themed playground near the library. This space will spark their imagination and invite them to role play after a storytelling session inside.

Noise from a nearby highway will be reduced by augmenting the existing barrier with noise-reducing walls. The noise barrier will be complemented with flowering meadow flora and climbing plants will green nearby fences.