Root zones and drainage solutions for sports lawns

Kent Fridell

The demands on high-quality sport lawns have increased the last decades. Positive attributes in sport lawns which are aimed for is for example how fast the surface becomes playable after rain, how it resists fungal attacks and winter injuries.

It has been shown that the function of drainage systems is very important in order to meet these higher standards of quality for the surface. In the turfgrass sport sector the goal of drainage is to increase the soil’s suitability for recreation, which means a lawn with high playing quality. This is achieved through a quick regain of the soils ability to manage traffic loads, and by creating a root zone that generate a favorable balance between air and water filled pores for the turfgrass.

To meet the higher demands of sport lawns It is important to understand how the basic laws of soil physics affects water in the soil. In this thesis a broad and deep literary study has therefore been made of the water properties in the root zone and what factors affects it.

Kent Fridell

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