#bluegreengrey manual 2.0 is now available!

Livable Streets – A Handbook of Bluegreengrey Systems is now available both in English and Swedish.

A Handbook of #bluegreengrey systems

This handbook is addressed at those who plan, design, build, and manage streetscapes and requires guidance in integration of Blue (water), Green (vegetation) and Grey (hard surfaces). Is a supportive and resourceful document that helps to safe-guard complete process of successful implementation of BGG systems – from first steps to design, construction and maintenance so that it can deliver all of its benefits.

Behind this handbook lies years of research and field testing in the areas of wastewater management and vegetation, the primary aim being to create more sustainable stormwater management in a predominantly urban setting. The first integration of stormwater and green space was initiated by Peter Stahre during the 1990s in Sweden. Around this time, the Swedish Water Association started to fund basic research and research projects, for example, the research into tree roots and sewer lines. The City of Stockholm published the first version of its “Handbook for Planting Beds” in 2009. Their handbook, together with two research studies (2015 and 2017) from the Vinnova project Climate-Resilient Urban System Solutions included tests of open subbase layers and led to BGG systems catching on in Sweden.

The handbook that is available to you here is the latest product of the development and body of knowledge in this subject area.

This second version includes following updates:

  • General review with small adjustments and improvements
  • Additional texts regarding design and integration with grey systems
  • Updated text to biochar and planting substrates
  • Updated info about the effects of carbon reduction
  • Introduction to Livable ’scapes
  • Introduction to a new concept: City Water – An Untapped Resource
  • Update of Appendix 1. – new codes for AMA 20 are added.

Sharing knowledge for a sustainable future
We at Edge believe that this manual will make great contribution in making our cities more livable and better prepared for current and future challenges!

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