Blue Green street Neptunigatan, Malmö

A new Blue Green street, Neptunigatan, has been created in Malmö as a link between the old city center and the newly developed district of Västra hamnen. Neptunigatan is the first phase of the extensive project: Gäddorna, which aims at transforming public areas into multifunctional streetscapes.

One of the main requirements from the municipality was to manage all stormwater that falls within the catchment of the street. That is done with use of rain gardens (biofilters). These constructions use nature-based principles to manage water quality and quantity. They retain water closest to it source where it falls and makes it available as a resource for plant irrigation.

In order to improve water quality a collaboration have been made with Luleå University specifically focused on the filters that is inside of the rain gardens. The filters are composed from plants and substrate loaded with biochar, a carbonized biomass. This combination supports natural processes of separating the pollutants from contaminated water before it reaches aquifer and has a great cleaning effect.

#bluegreengrey creates an attractive green buffer between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles where everyone can move safely through the street.