#bluegreengrey street Strandbogatan in Uppsala

Strandbogatan is one of the first streets in Uppsala that collects rainwater on site. This eases pressure on the city’s sewer infrastructure, which otherwise gets overloaded handling extreme rainfall.

Photo: Rasmus Elleby, Uppsala Vatten.

Our complex urban environments require flexible, multifunctional designs that allow their surroundings to flourish. At the same time, we believe a good urban design also should decrease maintenance expenses. By integrating blue, green and grey infrastructure, we are able to create multifunctional streetscapes that can handle transport and traffic load (the grey) and stormwater and pollution (the blue). At the same time we give vegetation the space it needs to thrive (the green). Strandbogatan in Uppsala is an excellent example of how #bluegreengrey systems can be integrated to achieve this multifunctionality.

To meet the needs of an expanding city, Strandbodgatan has been rebuilt to increase traffic safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Rainwater is collected through rain gardens, which create aesthetically pleasing spaces. Furthermore, the rain gardens separate pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular traffic, making it a safer and more attractive place for all users of the public space.