#bluegreengrey systems at Kungstorpsvägen, Höllviken

Kungstorpsvägen in Höllviken has been reconstructed with new #bluegreengrey system as a central part of the project.
A strip of BGG system that stretches along the entire street at Kungstorpsvägen.

Kungstorpsvägen has been developed into an extension of the main street of Höllviken to the north. The street is part of a larger project developing the Northern districts of the village with new residential houses and public spaces.

A major focus has been to improve connections, accessibility and safety for pedestrians and cyclists. #bluegreengrey systems have been a central part of the redevelopment of streets and spaces in the district.

View of Raingardens in between bikepath along and road at Kungstorpsvägen.

The #bluegreengrey system consists of raingardens retaining and filtering rainwater and parking places with permeable surfaces that are build on open subbase layer where rainwater can infiltrate and tree roots can grow.  

Detail on inlet with sand trap through which water can flow into raingarden.