New smart district Rosendal in Uppsala

Rosendal is going to be a new district for a new city part of Uppsala called Södra Staden. It is going to be one of most innovative Swedish districts where several new ideas and technologies related to sustainable urban development and ecosystem services are going to be applied.

The urban fabric of Rosendal in Uppsala will be formed in a way that builds on human scale and district’s functions will be diverse and concentrated in order to provide thriving conditions for quality life.

It is a pilot project for developing BREEM Swedish certification system for sustainable cities. The certification system provides a common working method for achieving sustainable urban development. By being a pilot project, Rosendal can influence how the final certification system will look.

High ambitions and great conditions for innovations made us re-think the concept how we design public spaces for vegetation and water. We came to conclusion that if we want to provide streets that are multifunctional and can enhance resilience towards for example extreme rain we can’t hold all the water only on the surface but we need to also use space that is under where vegetation can grow with its roots and can benefit from having access to water. Therefor we used open subbase layer (OSL) that higher capacity for water while at the same time it provides enough space for roots. The advantage with these solutions are that non of other functions (like pedestrian paths, cycle ways, parking spaces) are being compromised because OSL can be constructed underneath them.